Grangewood Brolly – not just for a rainy day !

Our CEO, Richard Stevens continues in his quest to help Londoners keep out of the rain by providing (leaving) Grangewood umbrellas on London’s Central Line tube.  This unintentional marketing strategy helps to ensure Londoners stay dry, but has now reached international acclaim.

Danny Painter, Grangewood Buyer reports;

“My Dad is a London cabbie and does work for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans who organise various trips around the UK and Europe.

As part of the anniversary of D-Day celebrations, a 90 black cab convoy went to Normandy from Portsmouth taking some of our old soldiers to France one last time.”

His passenger, 98 year old Ray Whitwell (seated) sheltered from the hot French sun under a Grangewood brolly.

During the evacuation at Dunkirk, Ray and some other soldiers from the 1st Airborne Division got stranded. When they realised they couldn’t make it onto a boat, the men stole a staff car and 3 cans of petrol. They drove through occupied territory to Lille, hiding during the day and travelling at night. At Lille they hijacked a train, picked up some stranded nurses, and made their way to Cherbourg and got a Dutch fishing boat to Southampton.

But how he ended up with a Grangewood umbrella is a closely guarded military secret……

If you spot a Grangewood brolly on your travels be sure to let us know.